What does it mean to be numb

In a physical sense we can become numb by succumbing to cold weather if you’re outside too long. Oddly enough we can also succumb to being numb on an emotional sense by becoming cold towards emotions. Going numb can be a gift or a curse depending how you want to view it. Witt Lowry chooses to address just that on his single titled ‘Numb’

Your team is lazy and jumbled,My team is there if I stumble

He also speaks on the effect mumble rap

has created a disconnect not only to him, but the fans of hip-hop. A lot of Witt’s music has some real deep emotion involved and he’s mad there isn’t any passion in today’s hip-hop.

It’s notable to mention he released this track while on tour with Watsky and the pre-hook suggests he gets treated differently when he comes back home with the fame he has recently gained which has also made him numb.

The production by Steezefield and visuals provided by Mike Squires really hit Witt’s message home. 2017 will be a big year for Witt and his team, stay tuned for his next album titled ‘I Could Not Have Planned This’

Article By: Brett Lavigne
Article By: Brett Lavigne