I try my best to learn from each and every experience I undergo.

Every conversation you have, every person you meet and every day you wake up presents a new opportunity for you to grow mentally. Even watching a movie can bring new knowledge to the table. A prime example of this would be the film “Paid In Full”, which taught me and millions others, that no matter the circumstance, you don’t want to be Rico. While the iconic role played by Cam’ron may be entertaining to watch, actually being the person to act up and cause a mess wherever you go is not a lifestyle any reasonable person would choose to live.

While this is an important lesson that I grasped at a young age, this article isn’t about what I learned years ago. This article is about something I learned today, and that is that UG Vavy’s “Gwap” is a fuckin’ hit.

Gwap in my handsGwap in my pants

The self produced record was blessed with a visual treatment from Yakub Films

that embodies the story told in the aforementioned film “Paid In Full”. We find UG working in a laundromat, being pressured into the dope game, in very similar fashion to how Ace was in the movie. As the video continues, you see Vavy has become encompassed by the money and lifestyle that come with employment in the drug industry in a way that would make Money Makin’ Mitch smile. Press play on the movie above and make sure to continue following what heat the Chicago MC is sure to bring to the stove in the future.

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder