1. Rob Lyrical loves

A lot of different things. I love my Mom. Women with baby hair. Women in general. Traveling. This is my Christian Mingle account bio. I’m single, slide in my DMs with your favorite bible quote and I will be lost because I haven’t been to church in 10+ years.

2. Rob Lyrical eats

Well. Chinza standard is that you only eat quality food. And tip well. You can’t eat with us if you don’t tip.

3. Rob Lyrical enjoys

Quality. Quality control is in my top three major priorities of life.

4. Rob Lyrical takes

On the City. The new show premieres on A&E Wednesday nights 8/7c.

5. Rob Lyrical listens

That’s the answer. I do listen.

6. Rob Lyrical watches

A lot of stand up comedy. A lot of Spongebob, Spongebob knowledge is unmatched, at least everything before the 8th season I haven’t been keeping up with that new shit. Anime, Skins, porn (amateur porn because I’m realistic, cmon guys), etc.

7. Rob Lyrical wants

To make a positive difference in a major way. I wanna be apart of something that’s bigger than me and will live on long after I’m gone.

8. Rob Lyrical has

Multiple layers. Maybe I’m a very well versed, multidimensional person, maybe I’m Trident gum, you never know.

9. Rob Lyrical was

What I am now. Everything I’ve wanted to be I’ve become/becoming. So even if I wasn’t physically what I was before, mentally I was, so I am now. That goes for the future too.

10. Rob Lyrical is

Aware. Even when you think I’m not I’m observing and analyzing. I’m a very detail oriented person. I’m always paying attention to everything. My mind is always going a million miles a minute.

Q: What's to come in the future for Rob Lyrical and the rest of Chinza / Fly?A: Failure. A lot of failure. Oh and an Aston.

11. Explain the origin of Chinza // Fly for those who may not be familiar

We just started off as friends in high school with similar interests. It’s not even that deep. Just having fun and making music with your friends can take you a long way though. Shout out to the squad Jofred Estilo, Steven Pugh, and Joe Rico.

12. Fuck, Marry, Kill: Megan Good, Taylor Swift or Jill Biden. Feel free to explain your logic.

Can’t I just marry Megan Good to the third power? Logic is explained by simply going back and rewatching Stomp The Yard and watching the scene exactly 40 minutes and 30 seconds into the movie when she’s jogging in a pink Phat Farm fleece outfit. FUCK. Perfection my nigga. Completely makes you disregard the fact she’s working out in fleece which can’t be comfortable at all.

13. You and Ishmael Raps teased this record recently that sounded not only like a banger, but yet another evolution in both of your music. How much art do you two plan on putting out in the future?

Appreciate you man! That track is actually an Ishmael feature on Jofred’s Tulpa project. A lot a lot. We have a decent amount of tracks in general but a lot of his newer releases I’ll have been involved in in a major way. 

14. I tweeted once in August of 2015 that every single Popeye’s in America is unfathomably slow, and you told me that “it’s gotta be dude, they’re making art back there”. I assume you then have a go to order when you hit the drive thru?

Yeah I get the burger. 

15. You’ve landed a few major placements over the last few years. How do you feel having some mainstream success has changed your creative process?

I feel like it’s relaxed me a little. Don’t get me wrong the hunger will never go away, but I feel like it gave me a bit of a mental cushion. Like I don’t really give a fuck about chasing placements the way I did before and with that come a different sort of patience for me as a producer. In the beginning tho it was kinda trash because I got caught in the loop of making what labels/people wanted me to make rather than what I wanted to make and I actually began to lose the love for music during the time. But after I shook that habit I was back happier than I’d ever been and making my best shit to date.

16. If you could have either A) Morgan Freeman’s voice B) Donald Trump as a personal butler C) Unlimited 100% off Backpage coupons, which would you choose?

100% off Backpage coupons is a funny choice because I already have those. Uhmmm so I’d probably go with D) A lifetime supply of Nerf bullets and vanilla Haagen-Dazs.

17. Fam I just listened to Stage 1.1 for the first time in a year at least. We premiered that shit haha. The progression of Motrin is still CRAZY. I don’t really have a question, it just had to be said

None of that exists without Steven Pugh.

18. Robert Horry or Stephon Marbury?

Stephon Marbury duhhh. Robert Horry might have rings but he never had his own NBA Ballers cover. Plus that’s another nigga with my name and there can only be one because this is Highlander and its 1992 and I live in a fantasy world with no real grasp on reality. 

19. What song that you have worked on is your favorite to date and why?

Probably this “Body Language” I did with Ishmael Raps. Shit sounds like a 2006 dancey Pharrell track and I love it. 

20 What’s to come in the future for Rob Lyrical and the rest of Chinza / Fly?

Failure. A lot of failure. Oh and an Aston. 

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder