1. Campana loves


2. Campana eats


3. Campana enjoys


4. Campana takes


5. Campana listens

to vinyl records.

6. Campana watches

Samurai Jack.

7. Campana wants

a nap.

8. Campana has


9. Campana was


10. Campana is


"The importance of collaborating is being able to have everyone's idea implemented"

11. If you could direct a commercial for any company, what company would it be and why?

Red Bull because they have a dope ass media team. 

12. You just released your band The Cosmos debut project, Moonshine. How does it feel after performing with each other for over a year to finally have your first collective piece of art out there for the world to enjoy?

Well we’ve been working together for almost two years now, and the project itself for a year and a half, so it’s been a such rewarding feeling. Feeding off of winning the EMP Sound Off competition last march, we followed it up by playing shows and festivals all 2016, allowing us to present our music without having our catalog digitally accessible to people. It was definitely a unique way to release it and I’m excited to share it now.

13. If you were on an island and could only bring three things, what would you bring?

Matches, a canister already filled with water to avoid drinking sea salt, and a gun or a knife, possibly a machete.

14. There’s a consistent space themed aesthetic to your art. The “Eviction Notice” cover features the title written in many constellations. Your band named the Cosmos’ debut project is named “Moonshine” and your stage costume is a NASA suit? How does space inspire your music?

I feel like it’s really essential to be cohesive with your branding. But aside from that, I didn’t go into creating Cosmos with the concept of branding in that fashion. My solo music already had astronomical, extra terrestrial and spiritual elements to it, so it just sort of developed naturally.

15. If there was a movie about your life, who would play your character and why?

That’s crazy because I have thought about this before, but I would have to say myself. I feel like my life is already like a movie, since there has already been events and situations in my life that has shaped itself to be very enticing in a biographical form. I can still portray my former emotions the best I believe and I’ve been looking to get into acting anyways.

16. Having not released a solo project in a couple years, and only releasing a few loosies here and there, including the banger “Gon’ and Make It” what can we expect from you next as a solo artist?

Aside from Moonshine, I’ve also been working on a solo project for myself curating with both Cosmos members and producers from my former projects. It’s going to be a happier project featuring more trap songs, definitely being different from what Cosmos fans are used to.

17. Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or Fast and Furious Vin Diesel?

I fuckin hate birds so Vin Diesel for sure.

18. How does your creative process differ when you are making a record by yourself versus making one with the band?

I definitely have way more creative control as just Campana. For example with Eviction Notice, I had pull on whatever aspects from the production I wanted. Whereas working with Cosmos, we definitely have to see eye to eye when it comes to finalizing the product, without having one persons ideas overshadowing the others. We have to take a step back and recognize the importance of collaborating is being able to have everyone’s ideas implemented.

19. What’s on your recently added playlist right now?

That new Kodak Painting Pictures came out recently. Also Smino’s Blkswn is on a lot when I don’t have records playing.

20 With Moonshine out now and a long 2017 ahead of us, what can we expect from Campana and the Cosmos the rest of this year?

We’re definitely going to be playing a lot of festivals this summer. We’re also having a show at Neumos in Seattle on 4/20 for the Moonshine release party. I’ve got my solo project on the way too so keep on the look out for that.

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder