There’s artists that rap and there’s artists that make music with their voice.

STL representative Smino does both in an innovative fashion in his debut album “blkswn”. Watching the growth of the 314 native since the release of his single “Smellin Like A Re-Up” two years ago as Chris Smith Jr, until now has been something special, and “blkswn” is nothing short of just that as well.

Fifteen tracks long, Smino’s debut album possesses a multitude of flows, angelic harmonies, and rhyme schemes that will change your perspective of what’s capable when rapping. Paired with the talents of the likes of Monte Booker, Phoelix and THEMpeople, Smino uses his voice to perfectly portray his soulful personality over vibrant production.

I had my feet in some forces since I's a fetusNigga them kolors go crazy, what is it Easter

Smino has discovered a way in which he can bring the personality of the Saint Louis to the forefront of rap in 2017.

With his rare talent of being able to utilize his true Southern accent, in really any pitch, pace or intensity, Smino brings something to the table no other artist can currently duplicate.

Throughout the project you hear messages of inspiration, passion, determination, hometown pride, family and of course Backwoods. Press play on the project above and make sure to buy the album on iTunes below.

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Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder