Hip hop is the only genre of music that has been consistently viewed as a competitive sport.

Every artist that’s truly passionate about their craft steps up to the microphone with the intent of reciting art that will comparatively be better than every other artist. For this reason, I consistently find myself ignoring hip hop duos or groups upon initial notification that they exist. I ignored Rae Sremmurd until after Sremmlife went platinum. I dismissed Migos until I heard “Commando” off of YRN 2, nearly five years after their claim to fame.

This brings me to the point where I must apologize for sleeping on yet another iconic duo of artists that have transformed from doubter to believer, Run The Jewels. The pair of Killer Mike and El-P joined forces as RTJ back in 2013, and it took me until the release of their third studio album, “RTJ3” this past December to fully appreciate their greatness.

RTJ3 is 14 tracks long, and with each track that passes, something became more and more apparent. Although these two MC’s have come together to collaborate on their art, there’s still a burning desire to out rap each other with every bar. No track is a better example of this than “Legend Has It”, which they released a visual for earlier this week.

We are the pain you can trust

Exchanging bars back and forth in a fashion that could qualify as a fire hazard,

Killer Mike and El-P make it clear that their competitive nature actually inspires them to create their best work. Feeding off of each other’s aggressive energy, the two veteran artists bring forth dynamic verses that are lined with unfathomable rhyme schemes and metaphors designed to blow your mind.

Press play on the equally as impressive visual above and if you have to play catch up on their previous work like yours truly, check out their albums at the link below.


Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder