Who are you?

I’ve always found describing myself top be a difficult task. First of all I’m obviously biased, so odds are when I say that I’m the smartest person you’ve ever met, that’s not the truth. Second, I can’t imagine being able to sum my entire 25 years of existence into a description that will be accurate and please the person asking me this painfully vague question. But that reason right there may be the reason that I’m not an artist.

A certain level of self awareness is required in order to create art that is not only going to resonate with an audience, but will simultaneously properly portray your presence correctly. Today TPFT has the pleasure of bringing a record to the table that does just that in a fashion that well, only Nigel Crown can, titled “Who Are You”.

The hurt, the pain,The dirt, the rain

Nigel puts everything that has made him into the man he is today into this record, literally.

The places he’s been, the emotions he’s felt, the problems he’s encountered and the problems he’s overcome are all on the table in this self produced banger. Nigel understands that every single interaction he’s has with this universe since birth has shaped who he is and will continue to shape who he will be. Press play on the record above and ponder just who you are yourself.

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder