I’ve never had a one night stand work out in the long term.

I’ve never had any form of relationship work out in the long term obviously since I’m single, but that’s not important here. What is important is the fact that making love to someone the first night that you meet them sounds a lot sexier in theory than it is in actuality. The majority of one night stands begin with a drunken connection at a bar or club, which means your ability to do what’s in your true best interest is rather fucked. Odds are the person that your planning on taking home that night, is not someone who’s company you’ll enjoy the next morning. When you begin a conversation with a stranger, with the hopes to lay with them that night, you aren’t going to say anything that could ruin those chances, so you avoid any substantial conversations. When you don’t truly know anything important about the person that you’re sleeping with, you’re in store for some awkward conversations once the fun is over.

While most rappers live for and embrace the concept of consistent one night stands, one MC has chosen to show just how wrong they can go. Recently the legend Lil’ Dicky released an unbelievably accurate and entertaining video to “Pillow Talking”, to do just that.

Do you fuck with the war?

Coming in at just under 11 minutes, LD takes us into his bedroom

for what could qualify as the most uncomfortable instance of pillow talking there ever has been. After spazzin’ on his partner in bed, Dicky finds himself realizing he doesn’t actually know this person laying next to him at all. Accompanied by phenomenal CG animation, the two present their opinions on polarizing topics such as war, religion, aliens and vegetarianism, just to find out they don’t agree at all on any of the stated subjects.

Pillow talk can either be the highlight of your day and enhance your relationship, or can easily ruin your impression of your partner, so take heed to the message in Lil Dicky’s video, and actually know the people you’re inviting into your bed.

Also don’t call Brain names.

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder