Justin Knuth Shows Growth. 

It’s finally come together for Mr. Knuth. The east coast native who has a knack for fitting full sentences in bars that many would dream to, has shown extreme growth, putting together a catchy hook that can grow legs and catch on.

His previous efforts, like “I Made A Song Because I’m Mad” and “Yung Chosen”, while both lyrically impressive, lack the maturity “You Said” holds.

I never bite, wish I would bark less.

Knuth caught a vibe.

“You Said” is the first time Knuth has really flexed his vocals on a track, and it speaks growth. Clearly he’s becoming more comfortable behind the mic, you can tell in the mix, his attention to detail in going back to double his vocals and in his cadence.

Continue to look for Knuth, cause we are definitely interested in the growth of this artist.

Article By:Joshua Eferighe
Article By:Joshua Eferighe