Hey Gyyps fans. Today’s a good day.

Today the 2273 representative and Canoga, California native Gyyps is blessing the world with the latest single to his upcoming album, “Killafornia”. The high energy record, produced by Wallis Lane, Grasser and Lou Bell, is titled “Tag On My Wrist”, and is sure to get you bouncing out of your seat as soon as you press play.

TPFT not only has the privilege to bring this banger directly to your ear drums, but we also got ask Gyyps some questions. We talked about the the new record, his upcoming album Killafornia and how adjusting to fame affects him, both as a human and an artist. We suggest reading the interview below after you’re done hitting the Uzi shoulder shake to the song above.

Q: Your first, full length project Killafornia is set to release in the near future, but this isn’t first rodeo by any means. After releasing an EP, mixtape and touring the nation, how did you approach creating this album?

A: A hell of a lot has changed in my life since I have been releasing music in 2015, but there’s also a bunch of consistencies that’ve held me down over the years.  I believe this project shows a good representation of my growth and experience as both a person and musician over the past 2 years, especially during the ~7 months I spent on tour. The struggles of an up-and-coming artist, especially on the road, are often overlooked—and I think my perspective as an artist on the precipice of, maybe not ‘blowing up,’ but becoming a career musician, offer to help shed some light on those conflicts. Coming home from tour is the first time you really notice things, yourself, whatever have changed, and sometimes not for the better. I was trying new things; my surroundings, my team, my problems — they we’re all changing. It became hard to maintain old relationships, whether with girls, friends or work-oriented, and constantly moving around made new relationships impossible. My circle was getting smaller and tighter. I guess it’s a beauty in the struggle/come up sorta thing.

Q: As a California native and USC graduate, the album title fits, but I was wondering if you could expand on why you chose “Killafornia”?

Killafornia is about losing sight of oneself chasing the fame and fortune. I don’t want to front like Canoga is an area where you’re gonna get run up on. It’s really the concept of the dream to come to LA, get ‘discovered’, and all that shit I’ve grown up around consuming you. I’ve got a handful of streams and shows under my belt, and having to prioritize what my goals are, and how that makes me act to those around me and how they act towards me is a constant. It’s just kinda saying that either way, you die and become an artist, or the artist dies and you’re just back to a normal dude.

The idea came to me low-key from a shirt I’ve had for years. It’s a crooks and castles shirt I think.

Q: What do you believe the thousands of 2273 fans will appreciate about the new music? And what will those just now getting a first taste of Gyyps love about the project?

A: This is my first project in a year and a half so they shouldn’t really know what to expect. Hopefully they’re not expecting anything too specific. This project different than anything I’ve done before, and it’s better in almost every aspect from production to mixing to concept. It’s really my first project that I’ve put any real thought behind, so I’m very excited for people to hear it. It has a little something for everybody, and the album, as a whole, tells a relevant story.

Q: You released “Tag on My Wrist”, a hard-hitting braggadocio record where you express your sincere desire for a Rolex. Is that going to be your first big purchase after this album drops? And if not what will be?

A: Haha, I have a few priorities before I can cop the Rolex, but yeah everyone wants a nice watch. We’ll see how big the bag is. But more than my desire for a watch, that song has a deeper commentary on all this shit. which is kinda the point, wanting a Rolex or a Porsche, but like not paying bills and keeping your money. “What do you want,” with all the ad-libs, etc. And don’t get me wrong, all love to that wave, we’re all bumpin em. I’m really tryna point out that inner conflict in the artist, and obviously, myself. Sticking with the trends, going with the wave, or doing my own thing. Do I give em what they want or what they need? All part of the killafornia idea.

Q: As we eagerly await the release of Killafornia, what else can we expect from Gyyps during the rest of 2017?

A lot more videos and another project. Got some merch dropping with the project, gonna be showing my face out a little more. Doing a few dates this summer, so far in Canada & Hawaii, hopefully some more shows in the Fall/Winter. Things change every day though. I really didn’t know how this album would be coming together until a month ago. I try to stay open to new things, new opportunities and all that.


" You die and become an artist, or the artist dies and you're just back to a normal dude"

Gyyps loves playing the drums and producing other artists.

Gyyps eats pretty much anything except olives.

Gyyps enjoys whiskey

Gyyps takes moles

Gyyps listens to The greats and everything in between, but mostly the greats. K – dot, Kanye, Pharrell, Eminem, Lauren hill, like everything coming out of the west coast in the 90s and 50 cent are my top rap influences, or at least what I go to for inspiration. I also love a lot of rock that I grew up on. Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles, all played a huge role in who I am as well. I really try to listen to everything tho, from samba to free jazz, metal to classical, I am a music lover and really have learned to embrace an eclectic taste in music. You might catch me singing a Beatles song and then put on playboi carti. Whatever sounds dope honestly. Only good music. Great music.

Gyyps watches Donnie Darko

Gyyps wants to buy his mom a new car

Gyyps has two dogs

Gyyps was touring

Gyyps is ambitious

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder