As the young man Chris Felner, otherwise known as Felly,

begins to take his talents on the road for yet another countrywide tour, you can safely say he has gained quite the following for himself. Fel has clearly earned his niche in the Hip-Hop world, and his latest release, YOUNG FEL EP has solidified that.

“Desert Eagle”, the third track from the EP features long-time friend and 2273 colleague to Felly; Gyyps. The chemistry and compatibility of these two is impressive, as it creates a genuine feel for the song. Between verses and hooks, the two find the time to spit rhymes back and forth, and even cut jokes.

Ask all the questions you want, bro.Just know I don't have all the answers

Lyrically, both Felly and Gyyps demonstrate technical prowess and individuality

Stylistically, I haven’t heard much that sounds like this track. Producer D.R.O. also delivers on this track, big time as the instrumental has a lot of depth to it. On the surface, you hear a bass-heavy, trap beat but beyond face-value, there’s a lot to be discovered. Piano melodies, layered chords, and auxillary percussion play perfectly into that unique style I was talking about earlier.

Desert Eagle is both a song that you can jam to in the car with your friends, and one that you can dissect and appreciate on a more profound level. To me, this seems to be a signature of Felly’s, and I look forward to hearing how this style develops in the future.

If you enjoyed this track, take a look at the rest of the songs from YOUNG FEL EP. Press play on the record above.

Article By:Daniel Caudill
Article By:Daniel Caudill