Elijah Daxx has been singing his entire life. 

Repping the Chatt/Cleveland Tennessee, this R&B come-up delivers the soul of the south with every breath in his debut single “Complicated.”

Elijah hasn’t released much of his art to the public, but has been immersed in music since birth with his parents and sister being songbirds as well. With eyes set to release an EP he gears up “Complicated” as his first offering.

Just keep it on the down low.....

Drawing influence from the greats,

such as Michael Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake, Elijah still manages how to make a sound to call his own. Having a role in every step of the process, from mixing to producing the record allows him to define himself as an artist. His falsettos are not overdone and you can tell he has an ear for tone.

Press play on the record above and join us in the eager wait for new music from Elijah.

Article By:Joshua Eferighe
Article By:Joshua Eferighe