Being a successful artist in the music industry

while maintaining a normal relationship have rarely ever gone hand in hand. It’s a constant struggle as continuously being on the road doesn’t allow for much time and energy to be spent on any one person alone.

That’s why you’ll see a majority of artists embrace the single lifestyle. You have the ability search thoroughly in all different areas of the world, meticulously vetting each potential candidate for the one that’s right for you, without any strings attached.

Vocalizing the emotions and thoughts that run through the mind of someone in that situation is Courtlin Jabrae in his new video “That Way”.

Wanna talk about us right now,Ain't much to discuss right now

In the visual you see Courtlin encountering a different type of struggle,

living life on the edge in a Bonnie and Clyde-esque fashion. Unfortunately, that relationship too takes to a fatal ending,

Featuring production from Aye-K.O., Courtlin blesses fans with a very honest, OVO-esque track. With what seems to be an effortless delivery and unmatched diversity when it comes to styles of music, Courtlin’s sure to be stuck in many similar predicaments in the future.

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder