Avenue is a man putting on for the Boston rap scene

Harder than anyone else in New England. The proof is in the pudding. Nobody Part 2 is the evidence. The dude is constantly putting out new tracks with heated lyricism and dope productions. He enlists the talents of two of the legends of the game in Ariez Onasis and the always potent Royce da 5’9, to join him on the sequel of the same name with the same hook.

The beat by Cooking to Kill (a frequent collaborator of Avenue’s) has a soulful, solemn sound that the three MC’s artfully dish their dissertations on.

"Shit don't really get more realer than this,I'm hardly seen, but I'm still in the bricks."

Coming up in a hostile environment is what sharpens the blade that is Avenue’s use of his words.

In an era where industry dudes look to prove their superiority with bull shit boxing matches that don’t prove anything other than their last gasping breaths of relevance, it is refreshing to hear a cat that stays true to the roots of hip hop.

The hook sampled from the “In These Streets” a cappella, fits right into this track like the final piece to a puzzle. It’s one part hilarious, two parts fascinatingly talented, and three parts downright insane to think that tucked away, on the right hand side of the screen, with her hair wrapped up and without any make up on, is the woman (Brandy) that is, by proxy, responsible for the rise of the Kingdom of Kardashian.

My girl a superstar all from a home movie“.

But I digress.

Peep the heat from Avenue and follow him on twitter for new drops.

Article By:Anthony Nastasi
Article By:Anthony Nastasi