Getting lost in your thoughts is a lot easier than it would seem to be.

You encounter new situations daily that change your perspective on the world, some of which will contradict the way that you’ve perceived things for years. With the people who surround us consistently providing their viewpoints, and the world providing mindset altering conditions on the daily, it can seem at times like you’re trying to escape a maze, that’s within your own mind.

Running through the maze within his own cranium, that many influences have contributed towards is Chicago’s Ajani Jones with his newest visual “Mazerunner”.

Don't play with my headDon't play with my soul

This conscious clearing hit comes fresh off of Ajani’s “Astrals EP”,

released back in December, and is the first to receive the visual treatment. Behind Jeff Salzbrunn direction and the always magical production of BanksTheGenius, Ajani battles his inner demons in an attempt to free his soul and live the life he envisions for himself. Press play on the video above and attempt to conquer your own inner demons as the record plays.

Article By:Sam Wunder
Article By:Sam Wunder